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Thursday, 11 July 2019

five biggest airport in the world

The Top Five biggest airport in the world

5. Washington Dulles International Airport

Airport type: Public
Owner/Operator: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Serves: Washington metropolitan area
Location: Dulles, Virginia, U.S.
Opened: November 17, 1962
Area: 47.87 km²
Total Passengers: 22,892,504
Number of Runways: 5

Washington Dulles International Airport is Named after John Foster Dulles, the 52nd Secretary of State, Washington, was built in 1962, this is also known as IAD & located in Virginia. IAD has 5,200 hectares of the total land area & The airport is home to 135 gates & flies to over 100 destinations. IAD has the main terminal, 2 sub-terminals, & four concrete runway & one more is in construction.

4. Orlando International Airport

Airport type: Public
Owner/Operator: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Serves: Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Location: Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Opened: 1981
Passengers: 47,696,627 annually

Orlando Airport, also known as Orlando International Airport or MCO, FAA, MCO is the largest and busiest airport in Florida USA. Orlando Airport handled over 40 million passengers, & These numbers make this Airport the 11th busiest airport in the U.S. Orlando Airport also serves 135 domestic & international destinations & the total land area of this airport is 13,302 acres (5,383 ha.) makes it one of the largest commercial airports in the USA.

3. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Airport type: Public
Owner: Cities of Dallas and Fort Worth
Operator: DFW Airport Board
Serves: Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex
Location: Dallas/Tarrant county line
Passengers: 69,112,607
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is in Dallas, Texas & it's the world's third-largest airport by area, with 7,800 hectares & the 2nd largest international airport in the USA & the 3rd in the world & if we talk about the busiest international airport so Its the 11th busiest international airport in the world with total passenger traffic about 65.6 million passengers in 2016, this is the largest number ever recorded in the airport’s history. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport covers 6,963 hectares of land, this is the larger than the entire island of Manhattan.
DFW has seven concrete runways & five operational terminals, & one is in development. DFW often one of the best airports in the world in overall quality. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is hosting about 900 daily flights to 229 destinations in which 56 international & 173 domestic destinations, & is indeed the 2nd largest airport in the United States after Denver Airport.

Some of the services offered by DFW airport are:

- Free power stations
- ATMs
- Cellular broadband
- Travelex currency exchange
- Manicure & pedicure
- Massage therapist
- Pre-paid phone cards
- Shoeshine
- US mail dropbox
- Free Wi-Fi internet connection
- Office workstation
- Showers
- Hair salon
- Barbershop
- Interfaith Chapel
- Pet Hotel
- Children’s Play Area
- XpresSpa
- Yoga Studio
- Food, drink and retail concessions

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2. Denver International Airport

Location: Northeast Denver, Colorado, USA
Owner & Operator: City & County of Denver Department of Aviation
Area: 137.29 km² (53 sq mi)
Total Passengers in 2017: 64,494,613
Number of Runways: 6
Airport Type: Public
Opened: February 28, 1995

Denver International Airport is Opened on February 28, 1995, & this is the western United States airport. Denver International Airport is also known as DEN, KDEN, DIA & it has a total area about 33,531 acres (135.7 km2), Denver International Airport is the largest airport in North America & the 2nd largest in the world. DEN has a 16R/34L runway of 16,000 feet length (4.88 km), is the 7th longest runway in the world, & its the largest employer airport in Colorado over 35,000 employees.

DIA has non-stop service to 215 destinations amongst 23 different airlines throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Denver International Airport has the 2nd largest domestic network, with 189 U.S. destinations. As of 2018, DIA is the 20th busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic & fifth busiest airport in the U.S handling 64,494,613 passengers annually. Denver International Airport is one of the most expensive airports with The final cost of $4.8 billion.

1. King Fahd International Airport

Location: in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Total Area: 776 km² (299.615 sq mi)
Total Passengers in a year: 10 million+ annually
Number of Runways: 2
Airport Type: Public

King Fahd International Airport also called Dammam Airport is the largest airport in the world in terms of size & it's located about 22km north-west of Dammam, & King Fahd International Airport is well connected by Dammam-Riyadh Highway and Abu Hadriyah Highway. the airport opened for commercial operations in November 1999, & this is located in Dammam, it's the capital city of Eastern Province. King Fahd International Airport handles 12 million passengers per year. KFIA services the entire eastern region of Saudi Arabia. if we see the total area of KFIA is 776 square kilometres or 299.615 square miles, in KFIA has only two terminals (16R/34L and 16L/34R) & two runways. King Fahd International Airport runways capable for larger aircraft like Airbus A340-600 & Boeing 747-400 & in KFIA The aircraft movements recorded during the year were 41,079. KFIA buildings occupy an area of 43km², which is 5.6% of the total airport size. in the car parking area, A mosque for 2,000 worshippers is built, mosque Designed with modern and Islamic style architecture & this mosque is situated at the centre with 46,200m² area.

Passenger terminal building-

this building has The 327,390m² total area & has six-level structure, the 3rd floor is for arrivals, the 4th floor is for boarding, the 6th floor is for departures and others are for passenger service. at the airport, Royal Terminal is reserved for the Saudi Royal Family, Kings, government officials & VIPs like as Heads of State. this Luxuriously furnished Royal Terminal terminal is the 25,000m² total area & this is connected to the aircraft via four bridges.

King Fahd International Airport

Catering building

this building has 17,287m² total area & it can prepare meals for 8,000 aircraft and 1,000 airport personnel per day & in this building a reception hall is for the King, Royal family and their personal guests.

-The airport houses have 215,579m² plant nursery with 36,400m² of green fields & three greenhouses. It supplies the plants required for the landscaping of the airport & Saudi Aramco company supplies & maintains the fuel facilities for the aircraft.

Car Parking

If you wanna park your car for parking, KFIA has 5,000 long-term and short-term parking spaces with space sufficient for 4,500 cars, distributed into an indoor, KFIA has a multi-story parking facility & this is directly connected to the main terminal building. you can fly more than 82 locations from King Fahd International Airport airport.

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