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Sunday, 30 June 2019

The Top Five Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

The Top Five Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

In this post, we are gonna tell you about the world top five most expensive music videos ever made, above costs of 500,000 or more US dollar. Madonna has three music video in the top five list & combined if we look so Madonna is only the artist with the most expensive videos of all time. This list only includes music videos with reported budget.

5. “Bedtime Story” (1995) & “Express Yourself” by Madonna (1989) - $5 million
Today In Madonna History

Madonna, The queen of pop two songs "Bedtime Story" & “Express Yourself” on the fifth position with an estimated $5,000,000 cost. "Express Yourself" is sung by Madonna, this song was released on May 9, 1989, by Sire Records. this song was written and produced by them.
"Bedtime Story" song is recorded by Madonna & released on February 13, 1995. the song "Bedtime Story" was written by Björk, Marius De Vries & Nellee Hooper.

4. Madonna song - “Die Another Day” (2002) - $6.1 million

This is a song from the James Bond film & this song has sung by American singer and songwriter Madonna. It was released on October 22, Madonna produced & wrote this song with Mirwais Ahmadzaï. It was nominated for two Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording, Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and Best Short Form Music Video. this was the top-selling dance song in the US for both 2002-3. In the James Bond movie theme, Madonna can be seen, singing a song. “Die Another Day” is the fourth most expensive music video, with an estimated $6,100,000 cost.

3. Britney Spears song "Work Bitch" (2013) - $6.5 million

This song is recorded by American singer Britney Spears. "Work Bitch" song was written by Britney Spears, Otto "Knows" Jettman, William Adams, Anthony Preston, Sebastian Ingrosso & Ruth-Anne Cunningham. this songs made its premiere on September 15, 2013, & was released to digital retailers on September 17, 2013. "Work Bitch" is an electronic dance music song. "Work Bitch" was a commercial success worldwide, music video's total production and editing costs amounted to $6.5 million, & this receiving several certifications from multiple countries. Outside the United States, "Work Bitch" peaked within the top ten of the charts in 10 countries, including Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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2. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson song 'Scream' (1995) - $US7 million


'The Scream' was the most expensive music video ever before launching the Taylor Swift’s song “Look What You Made Me Do.” now Scream is the second most expensive music video ever with $US7 million production cost. the brother and sister Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson duo’s futuristic song was released on May 31, 1995, & Recorded on October 1994 at The Hit Factory (New York City, New York) Flyte Tyme Studios (Edina, Minnesota) in December 1994. this song was written by - James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson & Produced by - Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, David Foster. in this music video, Michael played many of the instruments. The Scream won the Grammy Award for Best Music Video & three MTV Video Music Awards. that time with the $US7 million production cost it was listed in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive music video ever made. Scream' won an award for best dance video at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards.

1. Taylor Swift’s song “Look What You Made Me Do.” (2017) - $US10 million

Time Magazine

Taylor Swift’s song "Look What You Made Me Do" is on top of this list with $US10 million production cost. , this song was released on August 24, 2017. this song is a pop song, this song broke many records, including the most plays in a single day on Spotify. this song has received Platinum certifications in Australia, the United States, Canada, Italy & Sweden. It also received Diamond certification in Brazil.
"Look What You Made Me Do" music video was directed by Joseph Kahn, this song got 19 million views in its first 24 hours of release, this is a record that made by this song till now. according to New York Post Swift’s new music video worth more than $10 million, shows her bathing in a tub full of Neil Lane diamonds. The jewels & Neil Lane diamonds were loaned to the star for the shoot.

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